Tapco, Inc. Part Black AK Sgl Hook Trig Group

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  • Brand: RSR Group
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Are you still using the original trigger assembly that came with your AK?  You probably think that it’s worked pretty well so far, so why upgrade it?  Well, if you’re building a rifle without an INTRAFUSE® AK G2™ Trigger Group, you’re limiting the potential of your rifle.  This trigger group offers an improved trigger pull of 3-4 pounds and eliminates the painful trigger slap common with other designs.  We’ve created a “no fumble” trigger sleeve which allows you to assemble the trigger group outside of your rifle and then drop it in as one piece.  All of our G2 components are heat treated, manufactured out of 4140 tool-grade carbon steel, and finished in dark black oxide.  Upgrading your trigger assembly to the INTRAFUSE® AK G2™ Trigger Group, simply put, is the best decision you can make to bring out all the power your AK-47 has to offer.  To top it off, the G2™ counts as 3 U.S. 922r compliance parts.


* Note: INTRAFUSE G2 Trigger Groups are not compatible with the Saiga platform. INTRAFUSE G2 Trigger Groups are also not compatible with NoDak Spud NDS-3 and NDS-65 "economy" receivers. In some cases, the use of these two products together can create accidental double firing of the firearm.


* If you are building an AK on an NDS-3 receiver, you need to use the Double Hook trigger group and cut the receiver for the second hook slot.  This does have the side effect of eliminating trigger overtravel when done correctly.