Firearms and Ammo Transfer Pricing


Transfer Pricing:

Firearm PPT: $35 plus $10 per extra firearm.

Rifles: $40

Handguns: $45

Ammo: 3% of the sales receipt with a minimum of $5.

PPT Ammo: $5 (if both parties are present.)

Storage Fees: $1 per day the next business day after receipt. This will be done via telephone call, e-mail or voicemail. If picked up within 5 business days, the storage fees will be waived.

This will be done via telephone call, e-mail or voicemail. We are not responsible for fees incurred if we cannot leave a voicemail or other messaging if we do not have it on file. You are strongly encouraged to email us a copy of the invoice.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FIREARMS WITH THE FOLLOWING: Sig SB-15 Brace, TacCon Triggers, Mag Magnets and old style bullet buttons.

Please attach or forward this page to the seller.

Transfers should be pre-arranged with Parallax Tactical beforehand. This ensures an orderly reception of the firearm. Please be aware that it may take up to 2-3 days to log and contact you about your firearm once it arrives.

If the firearm is from another FFL please ensure they that are properly registered and obtain a CFLC number. Firearms send without this number will be refused and returned. The cost of return shipping will be added to your transfer fee.

If the firearm is sent by a private individual, the seller must attach a copy of their driver’s license. This is because the bound book requires a name and address of the seller.

All pistols transferred in must be on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale ( It must match the exact model, caliber and barrel lengths. You will be responsible for fees associated with non-rostered pistols. It will not be released to buyer, as it cannot be DROS’d unless the receiver is exempt from the “Safe Handgun Roster.”

Please note that sales tax will be charged for firearms and ammo send from a non-private party. This decision is not ours. The BoE and DOJ has decided that we are the retailer if we conduct the transfer as required by law. For non-private parties, please use our form for declaring a private party transaction.


  • Notify us of the transfer by emailing [email protected] a copy of the invoice with the seller's contact information.
  • It will take a few days to log and call you about your firearm transfer.
  • Make sure the sender FFL is registered with CFLC and sends a copy of the approval letter.
  • Pistols must be on the not unsafe roster list.
  • If a non-FFL sends a firearm, they need to include a copy of their ID.
  • All out of state firearms from non-private parties will have sales tax charged.